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In the Spirit of Summer

April 22, 2018

Hello friends! Summer is just around the corner, I can see little signs of green life peeking through late spring snow. Tiny green aspirations decorating the trees outside my house, toying with my emotions. So close!

This year, I’ve been focusing on taking control of living the life I want, instead of waiting around for the perfect life to come to me and it’s been incredibly liberating! In the spirit of summer, I came across this summer photography series, and had to share.

Cheers to living life to the fullest and enjoying each moment!



Photo Credit @Maciej Miloch


Huawei Summer

Photo Credit @Maciej Miloch


Huawei Summer

Photo Credit @Maciej Miloch


Huawei Summer

Photo Credit @Maciej Miloch


Huawei Summer

Photo Credit @Maciej Miloch

Life and Things

Let’s be Honest

October 7, 2017

It’s been awhile since I’ve written; but, I’ve had a few things on my mind, which I can’t help but rant.

There seems to be a colossal whirlwind of change, technology advancements, virtual adaptation, progression and digression. The concept of humanity feels more and more conceptual as technology advances and slowly takes over our lives.

Let’s be honest about what is real and what we wish was real. Being infiltrated by gorgeous vacations, impeccable interior layouts, organized workspaces, perfect family portraits, epic nights out with friends has created a competitive, comparative environment. Being an extremely competitive person myself, I know I’ve struggled with the comparative rabbit hole chase.


photo credit @thejealouscurator


At the end of the day, how do I feel about my own life and experiences from an honest perspective? Are we living to impress others or enjoying our own life? There are no re-dos; this is our only chance to love, dream, hope, try, and experience life. Captured moments are an outlet of expression, emotion, time, memories…life through your eyes. Why would you want to overwrite that with other people’s experiences?

Bottom photo credit @thejealouscurator







Hit Refresh

November 2, 2015
Photo Credit @battery_full

Hello good people! Hope you all had a great weekend, I took a short trip to the mountains today to get away from life, the city, my house…needless to say it was perfect and just what I needed to feel refreshed for a new week.

Speaking of refreshed, I thought it was about time for some good, old fashion typography inspiration. I love all things type, therefore; I found far too many examples to fit in one post so I’ll have to try to narrow things down. Enjoy!



Photo credit @battery_full



Photo credit @Luke Ritchie




Photo credit @Multiple Owners




Photo credit @Anton Brumistrov



Photo credit @Multiple Owners


Photo credit @Hanna Viktorsson


Photo credit @Jeff Rogers


Fresh Finds III

October 28, 2015

This time of year makes me want to update my home decor and accessorize with autumn-hued pillows, evergreen shrubs, extra blankets, cozy imagery etc. You get the idea. It’s essential a form of hibernation I’ve decided.

In my searches for a quick pop of coziness, I came across the adorable Etsy shop Color Zen. Their artwork is created upon order and features a variety of simple, fresh watercolor originals to perk up any gloomy interior. Go check out their full page to enjoy a little corner of visual fresh air!







How to Be an Instagram Legend

October 14, 2015
photo credit @brahmino

Hey all! I wanted to address a topic that’s been pressing heavily in the back of mind. Almost like a guilty presence haunting my daily interactions – I’m speaking of course of my lack-luster efforts reflected throughout my Instagram account! I know October is classically observed as an acceptable space for hauntings, but I am ready to put an end to my insta-nightmare.

Alright, enough of the theatrics. I wanted to share some tips I’ve recently learned on building up and expanding your Instagram empire.

1 Pick a Pattern:

By this, I mean consciously choosing a theme for your Instagram feed. This could involve a variety of things; dark and moody, texture, minimalism, architecture, color palettes. It’s up to you to decide which direction you want, but remember to stay consistent and view your feed as a bigger picture. Here are some enviable accounts who have owned their theme throughout!




Photo credits @andrewknapp




Photo credit @Kellywearstler


2 Lighting does Matter

Just because your using a phone, doesn’t mean that traditional photography rules need to fly out the window. For starters, begin taking photos during the “golden hour”, the time of day shortly before sunrise or sunset. Being conscious of good lighting will elevate your photography from meh to amazing.

Avoid using the actual Instagram application to take pictures; instead, shoot with your phone’s standard camera in landscape view. Since most phones have decent camera technology, the resolution and overall quality will be much higher than with the condensed processing of the app itself.



Photo credit @ravivora



Photo credit @brahmino


3 Better is Better

Long gone are the days of standard filter options; instead, download some decent editing software. Here are few apps that will make life much easier and prettier during editing.

This one is actually free (so no excuses).

This is an OS exclusive but allows for a wide range of editing exposures, angles, not to mention a broad selection of filters.

For 99 cents you and your cam can access new photography heights.


4 Shoot for the Square

This is exactly what it sounds like. Since Instagram is unique for its square formatting, it is important to plan your shoot instead of having to crop back an amazing rectangular shot. To rock a square, it helps to center or pick a focus point which fits clearly within the frame without any threat of cropping. Play with angles, backgrounds, color contrast to help move the eye to a focal point. Here are some more examples of unbelievable artists to drool over.



Photo credit @Kellywearstler



Photo credit @brahmino
I hope this was helpful and inspiring, and now I’m off to build my own insta-empire!



Stand Out, But Be Yourself…

August 20, 2015

Happy Friday Eve! Last time I shared with you my vision for a new personal logo to better represent my work. I’m going for a clean, simple, modern layout accented with strong visual elements of texture.

So what makes a strong identity brand? I asked myself the same question and came up with threes points based on my observations of successful branding.


  1. Original

Did you know that many template websites today also include a logo maker? You don’t want your logo to look so generic that it belongs on a template. Allow your logo to have a voice of its own, to represent you and your work in a visual way that people will remember.

  1. Harmony

This is the opposite of chaos and disorganization. Do your business cards look like they belong with your website? What about your resume to your stationary? Even though creating a harmonious system can be very challenging, it’s well worth the extra effort to pull off a strong presentation that speaks quality and refinement.

  1. Refined

The whole point of a personal logo is to brand oneself, but also to easily be identified by others. The best logos are usually the smartest and simplest. This is always easier said than done and demands trial and error refinement to flaunt creativity in a way that others will pause for.


Based on these observations; here are a few artists that I thought really nailed these personal identity systems.

Go check out Luke Latham. Photo credit @Luke Latham.

@taylor hand Candice-1Go check out Taylor Hand. Photo credit @Taylor Hand.

@Camille Piot @Camille Piot @Camille PiotGo check out Camille Piot. Photo credit @Camille Piot.


Fresh Favorites

August 2, 2015

Hope you all had a great weekend! I wanted to share some fresh finds of absolutely stunning photography and mixed media artwork.

I love the ghostly, vibrant energy surrounding the impressionistic compositions of Riccardo Magherini. I have no idea how the artist gives each image such a painterly quality, but the chilling after tones of captured big city life is awe-inspiring!


Fine Art Photography by Riccardo Magherini

Fine Art Photography by Riccardo Magherini

Fine Art Photography by Riccardo MagheriniCheck out more of Riccardo’s gorgeous portfolio at
*Photo Credit: Riccardo Magherini.


Let your Dreams have Wings

July 26, 2015

What inspires you? Recently, I’ve been inspired by the idea of letting your dreams have wings by tackling that someday list one check box at a time. Easier said than done.

I’ve been staring at my unchecked ‘start a blog’ entry for quite some time now. It’s been a passionate drive of mine to create and share heart-striking art, DIY projects, gorgeous photography and amazing typography to inspire others and myself.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” – Mark Twain

I like to imagine myself 5 years from today. What advice would your future self give to you now? It’s a great way to put life in perspective and a nice little push to start living in the present rather than the future.
I look forward to sharing more – On that note, follow yours dreams and inspirations!
*Steps down from pedestal*