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January 4, 2017
2017 New Year Compilation

I was thinking today about the ideology surrounding the promises of a new year, new beginnings, a fresh start. It seems the perception of time and personal fulfillment are synonymous with perfection, tomorrow is another day, future versions of ourselves. The ‘Anne of Green Gables’ philosophy as it was.

I compiled the above images inspired by my feelings toward the new year. So far it hasn’t started off very perfect, and feels more like an extension of December but I think that I am okay with that. Not having a master plan, living in the moment, maybe even being spontaneous 😮



Instead of making a make or break Resolution List, I’d like to focus more on experiences and memories beginning with the following goals:

  • Lean down – Lose 10 pounds
  • Become more financially free – Pay off 5 credit cards
  • Take on Challenges – Run a half Marathon
  • Hike a 14er
  • Take a Photo Journal road trip
  • Start Freelancing/ Explore more personal art projects
  • Travel somewhere new

Stay warm out there!