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In the Spirit of Summer

April 22, 2018

Hello friends! Summer is just around the corner, I can see little signs of green life peeking through late spring snow. Tiny green aspirations decorating the trees outside my house, toying with my emotions. So close!

This year, I’ve been focusing on taking control of living the life I want, instead of waiting around for the perfect life to come to me and it’s been incredibly liberating! In the spirit of summer, I came across this summer photography series, and had to share.

Cheers to living life to the fullest and enjoying each moment!



Photo Credit @Maciej Miloch


Huawei Summer

Photo Credit @Maciej Miloch


Huawei Summer

Photo Credit @Maciej Miloch


Huawei Summer

Photo Credit @Maciej Miloch


Huawei Summer

Photo Credit @Maciej Miloch

Life and Things

Farewell 2015

January 1, 2016

Photo by @rossfeighery

Happy New Year to everyone! In the spirit of things, I have been thinking about my own resolutions/goals for 2016 and realize the common thread between everything I hope to accomplish boils down to one concept, creating opportunities. I read a great quote that I feel addresses this exact philosophy perfectly:

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.
-Milton Berle

2015 for me was somewhat chaotic, full of uncertainty being tossed around in the sea of the unknown. As much as I dislike this lack of control in my life, I hope to embrace these uncertainties with a fresh perspective this year (as I’m sure tsunamis lie ahead as they always do.) Instead of fighting to force everything to fit in my perfect comfort zone, I hope to bring on the un-pleasantries and have some amazing new experiences in the process. You only have one life to live, so live it!

New Years Resolution Quote

As philosophical as that all sounds, I do have some practical resolutions I hope to accomplish this year which I will be promptly be crossing off throughout the year.

  1. Take on weekly personal art projects
  2. Repurpose one piece of furniture
  3. Take more Yoga Classes
  4. Work out 3-4 weekly
  5. Lose 8 lbs (not 10…8lbs)
  6. Continue Green Juicing
  7. Cut back on Rockstars
  8. Run a 10k
  9. Attend a Meetup
  10. Pay back one credit card
  11. Read more
  12. Visit a foreign country
  13. Network with other designers
  14. Photography trips

New Year’s Resolution from Currie Person of Spartan Home and Beam & Anchor

Photo credit: Currie Person of Spartan Home and Beam & Anchor
Love & peace :)

Inspiration Travel

Wanderlust – Part I

August 6, 2015

I have been absolutely nowhere. I have never even left the United States, but that doesn’t mean I can’t start putting together my travel itinerary! As I get older, the stronger the wanderlust seems to creep in. Does that happen to everyone? Here are some spots I’ve had my eye on lately.

The storybook cityscape of Santorini Island is a dream of Mediterranean colors and ocean serenity. You can’t go wrong with terraced architectures contrasted in deep blue and stark white. That alone is reason enough to visit!

You can’t skip over the history-rich city of Athens. Who can bypass famous landmarks like the Acropolis, Parthenon, or the ancient agora! Not to mention, Athens is also known for its trendy shops and bars. Extra bonus!

Just a few hops over lays the beautiful island of Croatia. Specifically, the Game of Thrones filming location of Dubrovnik. Besides nerding out on Game of Thrones selfies, the city itself is breath taking and offers a variety of amazing attractions. Mild climates, mountains cityscapes, hiking, sailing, swimming, shopping and exploring make this location a must-see.

I planned on sharing more fabulous travel spots, but Greece has captured my heart! Stay tuned for more upcoming Wanderlust posts . In the meantime, go out and follow your dreams and inspirations!

Photo credits: @santoriniisland@athensvoice, @kenny_wanderlust, @florabaker, @kyrenian