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5 Design Trends Hitting 2016

October 1, 2015

I feel like it has been a lifetime since I’ve posted anything, my apologies! Life has been seemingly busy, but I am almost finished with my final logo design and identity system. Thank you so much for all who voted! I have been doing some research on web design trends and predicted trends into 2016. Unlike some years, I am very excited for the look and feel of this upcoming year – it’s a good time to be alive!

Top five web design trends hitting now and into next year:

1. Semi-flat Design

This particular look has been slowly coming into fruition over the last couple of years. Largely influenced by Android interfaces, flat web design is becoming the new standard for clean, sleek design as seen in these examples.



2. Access to more Designer Typefaces

Thanks to Google fonts, web fonts are becoming lets dull and boring, and more creative and custom. With more weight, styles, and sizes available; there are more options than ever for creating beautiful, creative websites even on a limited budget.



3. Quirky, Hand-Drawn Illustrations

The demand for attention has reached new heights in a world of expanding technology. Taking art back to hand-drawn illustrations is becoming increasingly more popular among web designers. It allows a company or brand to show a more human side while grabbing the reader’s attention with something fresh and creative.




4. Better Storytelling

Instead of being so obvious, websites are shifting to more of an interactive experience for the visitor. Creating engagement has been key in communicating the story behind a company, brand and product. Here are a few companies and who have done a fantastic job of displaying a service or product through unconventional means.




5. Cinemagraphs

Although this trend has been around for a while; it is probably my most favorite and still raging in predicted design trends. What can be better than a video and still image combined to create mystical visual enchantment? Here are some great examples below to keep you entertained!



Photo source: Fitbit| Northbound Design | Rule of Three | Google Fonts |
Creative Freedom Guide | Bubble | Our Wedding | Ice and Sky | MoMA | Olympic Story | Cinemagraphs


Stand Out, But Be Yourself…

August 20, 2015

Happy Friday Eve! Last time I shared with you my vision for a new personal logo to better represent my work. I’m going for a clean, simple, modern layout accented with strong visual elements of texture.

So what makes a strong identity brand? I asked myself the same question and came up with threes points based on my observations of successful branding.


  1. Original

Did you know that many template websites today also include a logo maker? You don’t want your logo to look so generic that it belongs on a template. Allow your logo to have a voice of its own, to represent you and your work in a visual way that people will remember.

  1. Harmony

This is the opposite of chaos and disorganization. Do your business cards look like they belong with your website? What about your resume to your stationary? Even though creating a harmonious system can be very challenging, it’s well worth the extra effort to pull off a strong presentation that speaks quality and refinement.

  1. Refined

The whole point of a personal logo is to brand oneself, but also to easily be identified by others. The best logos are usually the smartest and simplest. This is always easier said than done and demands trial and error refinement to flaunt creativity in a way that others will pause for.


Based on these observations; here are a few artists that I thought really nailed these personal identity systems.

Go check out Luke Latham. Photo credit @Luke Latham.

@taylor hand Candice-1Go check out Taylor Hand. Photo credit @Taylor Hand.

@Camille Piot @Camille Piot @Camille PiotGo check out Camille Piot. Photo credit @Camille Piot.